Abstract Brain Illustration


Personalizing Cognitive Training

The NeuroRehabLab Task Generator is a software that has been developed with the collaboration of over 20 health professionals that uses computational models of cognitive function to deliver a highly personalized training to each individual. The tasks created with the NeuroRehabLab Task Generator are generated procedurally, that is, they are always different every time they are created.

Technical Manual (portuguese only)

Special thanks to Simone Timi and Francesco Semprebon for the italian translation, and to Nicole Grasset for the spanish translation.

If you use this software please cite this reference: Faria, A.L., & Bermúdez i Badia, S. (2015). Development and evaluation of a web-based cognitive task generator for personalized cognitive training: a proof of concept study with stroke patients. In REHAB 2015: 3rd Workshop on ICTs for improving Patients Research Techniques Proceedings. Lisbon, Portugal. ACM.